Hi, it's Donald

Thanks for all of your “Tail Wags” (encouragement emails) that you have sent us; they are wonderfully brightening to our day!

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to pass along something helpful from your own recovery.


Here’s how it works:

If you have been adversely affected by the current crises in the world, and they have brought up your old, pre-recovery thinking and behaving, and that has forced you to lean back on your recovery tools from Coda to deal with it, write us a couple of sentences telling us briefly what you were like, what happened and what you are like now as you engage your recovery to restore your own emotional sobriety.

 Use the form on the Right--->>


We will pick stories at random to include on the broadcast and will collect them to post.

We, of course, will honor your anonymity and will not use names.

This is a good time to honor Step 12 and pass along your recovery to those who need it. It’s why we’re offering this speaker series and it is also why we conduct the annual Face Everything and Recover Retreat on Hilton Head island.

With all of our best,

Donald and the retreat presentation team

The Tools From Coda That I Use To Get Through

Thanks for sharing your story!